Welcome to the International Humic Consortium for Carbon Sequestration

An acre of trees captures 6 tons of CO2 and releases 4 tons of oxygen per year"

The global community is challenged by increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The need to further develop and promote awareness of the science underpinning natural global carbon cycles, both terrestrial and within the oceans and waterways of the Earth is challenging mankind. Greater understanding and awareness is a prerequisite to addressing geo-scale issues of equity involving climate change, poverty, food, water supply and energy security. Associated technologies capable of worldwide application that can support effective means to enhance carbon sequestration are now at a premium.

We believe the applications of humic substances can significantly contribute to economical and practical solutions. For example, due to contemporary utilization practices, global coal resources are a major source for both meeting energy needs and causing accumulating levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Less well known is that these same global resources are a rich and abundantly available source of humic acid.

Biotechnologies can enable the use of vast quantities of humic acid derived from coal and other sources that can be applied on a geo-scale to the Earth’s soils economically and productively. Humic substances present potentialities to both enhance the quality and quantity of the Earth’s biomass. These two objectives are critical to the challenge mankind faces to improve the Earth’s capacity to sequester carbon while at the same time conferring water retention and other life-sustaining properties in the soil.

We are commited to the pursuit of the fundamental science behind humic substances and the application of associated technologies that can meet mankind’s challenge; and promote the international community’s awareness of the opportunities we envision emerging.

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